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Love Your Space



Animal Magic

Is there anything better than a bit of interior animal print? It can be as subtle as a Planter or Cushion, or as bold as a rug or even wallpaper.

It is a trend that has been around for years and years and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon, and it’s easy to see why.

“Bring a touch of fun and personality to a space in a really stylish way.”

Prints Charming

Animal print brings a touch of fun and personality to a space in a really stylish way. It is a dream to work with. There are different patterns, different colours, different textures, there’s so much choice and that’s the beauty of it!

One of my interior must-haves are the Quail Ceramic Vases from @inlehome. I absolutely love them. You will be spoilt for choice as they are available in Black Panther, Zebra, Giraffe, Elephant, Seagull, and Leopard.

“Even the kids will love these!”

Beautifully hand-painted to a glossy finish, they are so stylish and will add a touch of joy to any space.

Picture perfect on their own or simply add flowers to create a more playful look. Daffodils work perfectly.

Super cute Wall Vases are also available in Sloth, Panda, Koala and Parrot. They are a delightful addition to any room, particularly the kitchen or child’s bedroom. Even the kids will love these!

Wear The Wild

My favourite animal print is Leopard. Yesterday I ordered a Leopard print tote bag and Leopard print Birkenstock’s in anticipation of the warmer weather. When Summer finally comes, I know they’ll be my go-to’s. So, so easy to wear, can be casual or jazz up any outfit.

I just love the versatility of animal print and this applies to interiors too, massively.

All Creatures Great And Small

Ornaments are a clever way of bringing in a subtle touch of animal print if you’re wanting to introduce it but aren’t quite sure how.

The Quail Ceramic Vases I spoke of earlier would be great for this, adding a statement to your space without it being too much. This could well satisfy your animal print urge.

“A little animal print won’t hurt.”

For others, they might find themselves adding more and more to their space/s. There’s no right or wrong here. Homes should be individual.

Every home should be comfortable, practical and loved by the people who live there, now more than ever. That’s really all that matters.

In my opinion, a little animal print won’t hurt. Every home could benefit from a touch of it, great or small.

Stay Safe

As non-essential shops opened earlier on in the week please remember to shop safely, look out for each other and enjoy.

Be grateful for the pleasure and opportunity of being able to step into the shops we love for the things we love. Let’s be especially grateful for the people who make that possible, especially the independents ❤️

I know I will never take that for granted again.

Happy shopping guys, I’m excited for you all!

Lauren x

Lauren is an interior consultant based in Blackheath, London.

She loves working with colour, textures and funky accessories.

Follow her on Instagram for contact details and inspiration.