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Love Your Space



Plants are one of my absolute favourite things, if not my favourite thing.

I could talk about plants all day long. They bring so much to a space. As well as natural beauty, they effortlessly bring a pop of colour too.

Pick Your Planter

You can be playful with your choice of planter depending on the look you’re going for. You can keep it more scaled back with a nice neutral colour. Whites, greys & blacks will really allow your plant to shine.

If you want to go for a bolder look, bright colours like reds, blues and oranges work perfectly, giving your plant a more vibrant look.

“Be playful with your choice of planter”

Think Pink

I often get asked which colour planter works best against the greenery of plants? My answer is always pink. Pink and green work so well together.

If you’re going for a neutral look, opt for a muted pink, if you’re going for a bolder look, opt for a stronger shade. Ultimately it comes down to personal taste and style, there’s no right or wrong.

Faux Sure!

Let’s start by clearing the taboo of fake plants. They are not the devil’s work!

You can get some unbelievable faux plants. They are particularly great to use in area’s that don’t get much light where real plants are less likely to thrive.

Of course, not all plants need lots of light but if you’ve tried a few in a certain dark spot and it hasn’t worked out (like me) then faux plants are a great option. When choosing a faux plant, go for one which would naturally have glossy leaves as they tend to look more real.

“When choosing a faux plant, go for one which would naturally have glossy leaves as they tend to look more real.”

Top Tip: Mix up real and faux plants for a full effect. Place the real plants at eye level if possible, this will create the illusion that they’re all real. It’s very clever.

Faux or real plants, they never fail to add style and character to a space. And of course, bringing the outside in is always a good thing especially in these times we find ourselves in.

Plant Power

I have a plant in every single room of the house, I even managed to get one in my son’s room that is unbelievably still alive!

As well as adding style and substance, most plants have health benefits too. If you’re a regular reader, you’ll know by now that nothing excites me more than style + practicality (It’s very sad but very true!).

Plants help boost happiness, calm your nerves, and encourage better sleep. They even help purify the air. What’s not to love?

“As well as adding style and substance, most plants have health benefits too.”

Give Peace a Chance

A Peace Lily, for example, is such a rewarding plant. It’s a beautiful plant to look at which in the right light can bloom for many months. It’s a great plant for beginners as it can also withstand poor levels of light, and even a degree of neglect.

Not only that, tests have shown that the plant is even capable of removing airborne mould which can be hugely beneficial to those who suffer from asthma. Oh, the power of plants!

So there you have it, just a few reasons to invest in a beautiful plant or two and the perfect planter to showcase it in. And with a little tender love and care, you can sit back, reap the benefits and enjoy.

Take care and look after each other,


Lauren is an interior consultant based in Blackheath, London.

She loves working with colour, textures and funky accessories.

Follow her on Instagram for contact details and inspiration.