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Love Your Space

O F C O L O U R !


The Power Of Colour

When it comes to decorating or styling your home, colour has to be the number one component.

If you get the colour right, everything else will fall into place. It’s not easy choosing the right colour, especially when it comes to your walls. In my experience plenty of people find it quite overwhelming.

“If you get the colour right, everything else will fall into place.”

Three Top Tips

I work within the colour industry and even I have got it wrong. But fear not! Here are 3 tips to think about when choosing the right colour for you. These tips should make your choice a lot easier and leave you gazing at your walls full of pride! 


You must take the colour of your flooring into consideration.

Your flooring generally covers the whole room and therefore must work cohesively with your wall colour. If these two work well together, you’re halfway there.

Top Tip: When choosing your wall colour, if you have a sample tile of your flooring this is helpful to hold up against your colour(s) to make sure they work well together. If you don’t have a sample tile, a photo is the next best thing.

“Natural light alone is a thing of beauty, your choice of colour will only enhance this.”


Knowing what kind of light you get in the space is the biggest secret.

South-Facing Light 

Beautiful south-facing rooms are swamped with warm light throughout most of the day.

This light reads even warmer when the sun is shining making everything appear more golden. When it comes to south-facing rooms, you are spoilt for choice when it comes to colour.

This light will warm up cooler tones (blues & greens) and will make the warmer tones (yellows & reds) read even warmer. Natural light alone is a thing of beauty, your choice of colour will only enhance this. 

North-Facing Light

North-facing rooms get indirect light which tends to make colours look cooler.

In this case, it is best to work harmoniously with the light by choosing a cooler colour. If not an obvious blue or green then a more neutral colour with those undertones. Greys are a good option if opting for a more neutral colour.

Working with the natural light given often ends up with the best results rather than fighting against it. 

East-Facing Light 

East-facing light gives you bright light in the morning and a more muted light in the afternoon into the evening.

Again, this light can often lend itself to a natural blue hue, so working with that, introducing a cool colour will help to make a match made in heaven.

West-Facing Light 

West-facing light gives you a more muted light in the morning into a much brighter light in the evening.

In this instance, opting for a warmer tone will create warmth in the morning/afternoon when it’s not there naturally. As the light brightens into the evening, the warmth from the colour on the walls will appear even warmer creating that cosy feeling.

“Stick to what you love & what makes you happy.”


Taking your personal style into consideration when choosing a colour is vital.

Your sofa, your artwork, your furniture, whatever it may be, include that in your thought process. Stick to what you love and what makes you happy.

Don’t be tempted to follow a colour trend that deep down you know isn’t right for you. I’ve done this and it only resulted in me having to re-paint the whole room including walls, ceiling, shelves, doors and skirting! Needless to say, this was not fun and was a huge waste of time and money.

Stick to your guns and do you despite what everyone else might be doing. You want your space to stand the test of time, not just the immediate future. More importantly, you want your space to represent you.

“Colour really can brighten up your day in more ways than one.”

Colour is such a great way to express yourself, whether it’s through interior styling, interior decor, fashion or even the colour of your lipstick. With everything going on around us at the moment, let’s brighten up the day with a pop of colour.

Not only does it look great but studies show that it can actually improve your mood. Colour really can brighten up your day in more ways than one.

Look after each other & take care of yourselves. 

Lauren x