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Love Your Space



Is there anything more satisfying than a fresh scent? Imagine, you walk into a room with a candle burning or you’re baking a cake or cooking a dinner that fills the house with a comforting aroma. Or someone walks past you in the street wearing the nicest aftershave or perfume.

Whatever the scent, it is always a pleasant surprise. In a time where we are learning to appreciate and enjoy the smaller things in life, what better time to introduce some new fragrances into your home?

“In a time where we are learning to appreciate and enjoy the smaller things in life, what better time to introduce some new fragrances into your home?”

I’ve spoken about the positive impact of change within the home in a previous blog, well, candles, diffusers, perfumes, even a new bath oil, are all really clever ways to change things up, and they may have some health benefits too – win-win!

Seeing as we are spending the majority of our time at home nowadays, I’ve been thinking about ways to bring the outside in. We are all missing the great outdoors so much at the moment, wouldn’t it be lovely to have reminders of nature, fresh air, greenery and blue skies around the house? Just to give us that little pick-me-up, even if we didn’t realise we needed it. 

“They may have some health benefits too – win-win!”

Enter the genius that is ‘Scents Of Humour’ soy wax candles which I came across @InleHome. They have a number of candles infused with different aromas but the one that caught my eye off the back of my ‘outdoors-in’ vibe was their ‘Finally Cut Grass’ scent.

OMG does it smell like cut grass?! It is so refreshing. If you close your eyes, you would be forgiven for thinking you were laying on the ground in your local park, grass between your toes, lapping up the sun! Absolutely perfect if you’re missing those natural aromas.

As if that’s not enough, the branding’s really cool too. It would look very stylish on your coffee table, mantlepiece or shelf. You also get up to 40 hours of burn time.

“Radiate the outdoors”


Another scent to look out for is Lavender. Not only does Lavender radiate the outdoors but it has lots of health benefits too. It helps reduce stress and blood pressure and is proven to improve your sleep. In a time where there is a unified sense of stress and worry, a good nights sleep is so necessary.

Whether it’s popping a few drops of oil on your pillow or in the bathtub, lighting your candle or having your diffuser by your bedside, that scent of Lavender will aid you towards a better nights sleep, and boy do we need it. You can’t go wrong with this natural wonder.

“Make things a little easier on yourself.”

So get those outdoor juices flowing guys! I promise you, if you tend to suffer from cabin fever (I know I do) or are just generally missing the beauty of the outside world and all that comes with it, then make things a little easier on yourself.

One day soon we’ll be free to spend as much time outdoors as we like. Until then, bring the beauty of it to you.

Take care, and look after each other.


Lauren is an interior consultant based in Blackheath, London.

She loves working with colour, textures and funky accessories.

Follow her on Instagram for contact details and inspiration.