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I’ve Only Gone and Opened a Shop!

So as most of you probably know I’ve opened a little Inle Home shop in the village of Rottingdean, East Sussex!

How It All Came About:

It all happened really quickly! My sister-in-law came round for our delicious pizza-oven cooked pizza (that’s another blog entirely) and told me that her friend wanted to rent out her small premises in Rottingdean, and that was I interested? Was I?! I’d been looking for a pop-up shop to rent for Inle Home and this was just perfect! I know the friend and she has a gorgeous 4 month old boy and so totally understands my situation 🙂 And so it began…

A bit of DIY:

I was in the shop within 48 hours trying to figure out how I could make good use of such a tiny space. The husband was banging nails in the wall and putting up shelves before I could say Inle! All of a sudden I had a shop and it was really starting to take shape.

Opening Weekend:

Within a week I had all the stock in, I had done a leaflet drop and introduced myself to the local traders and we were having an opening weekend! Prosecco and cake was flowing and it was a really positive weekend. There was lots of interest amongst the locals in the village as well as visitors to Rottingdean. Everyone loved the product and the feedback was great 🙂

Looking Forward to Christmas at Inle Home:

I’m now only the second week or so in. I love having my own little shop. It’s perfect with the baby too (24 weeks now by the way and getting big!). Really looking forward to the festive season when I have lots of Christmas goodies and gifts for all. And of course when I get to play Christmas songs all day!!

If you haven’t done so already, come along and say hello!

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