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It’s Coming Home! In Beautiful Kos!

In Need of a Holiday:

After a very tiring first 3 months of pregnancy and simultaneously starting up Inle Home, we decided to go on a last minute holiday to the beautiful Greek Island of Kos – just what we needed.

Kardamena – Kos:

To be honest I wasn’t sure what to expect from Kos. I remember my older sisters going there on an 18-30’s holiday when they were in their early 20’s. We wanted a relaxing week in the sun and we found a great deal so we thought, let’s go for it!

It was beautiful – bright blue sunny skies and crystal clear turquoise waters. We were also happy to find that there was a nice Greek community feel in the local town of Kardamena. Don’t get me wrong, there were also a lot of tourists and a port full of ridiculously expensive yachts! Anyway, there were lots of bars and restaurants where we got to sample lots of yummy Greek food, including my fav, Souvlaki.

England vs Columbia:

So all of these bars in Kardamena had huge screens, perfect for watching the World Cup. I couldn’t believe how dirty the Columbians played. It was embarrassing – they didn’t deserve to be there, simple as that. It was even more frustrating when it became so close. England deserved to win from the get-go. The penalties were too much – I nearly had the baby! I was so happy when Pickford saved that penalty followed by Dier hitting the back of the net! A very well deserved win.

England vs Sweden:

A very different game. Sweden didn’t play dirty at all so it was nice to see a proper game of football, although we did dominate throughout so it wasn’t the most exciting. It was a relief to get the second goal. Especially as Sterling (link) could have scored a thousand times!! I certainly couldn’t handle extra time or penalties again. England played beautifully and it was the first time I really felt proud of our team.

OMG! We’re through to the semi-finals!! Cannot wait for the game on Wednesday – COME ON ENGLAND!!!

It’s Coming Inle Home!

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