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Baby Talk!

I’m now 20 weeks pregnant. I last spoke to you at 16 weeks and I feel like loads has happened since then…

This Baby is Growing:

Because I’m a fatty anyway it’s taken a while for my bump to show but it certainly is now. It’s amazing how the body changes, and I’m finally feeling movement! You start to worry when people ask, ‘have you felt any movemement yet?’ and your answer is no. But then they came. Baby can sleep up to 20 hours a day so it’s not a constant thing but you know when it happens. I still find it hard to explain but you know that it’s not just bowel movement! It’s lovely and it’s the best when daddy is around when it happens 🙂

Sick Bug:

Errr! Last week when it just happened to be the peak of this heat wave we’ve been having, I threw up for the first time in this pregnancy. I felt so awful 🙁 Then I read a few things online about sickness at around 20 weeks pregnant and of course that gets you worrying – never a good thing to do! Anyway the sickness continued and then the day after I ached all over, I could barely move. I called the midwife (not the one from TV) and to my relief she told me that there was a bug going around and not to worry. Then the next day my poor husband starts vomiting too! Not a pleasant week in the Fortis household, especially in 34 degree heat.

Our Wonderful 20 Week Scan:

Wow! This was just amazing and more than we expected. Such a detailed scan and I feel like we got to see so much of our growing baby. At one point baby looked straight at us, it was kind of freaky! Haha! He/she (no, we didn’t find out!) wouldn’t stop moving making it quite difficult for the sonographer but she found it very funny. It was very reassuring to hear and see that everything is present and correct at this point. We saw the brain, the lips, the little heart pumping away, the ribs and all down the spine, the kidneys, the stomach, all the arm and leg bones and the tiny hands and feet. It really was magical. Can’t wait to meet the little bunny in December!

Loving the exercise, yep that’s right:

Oh, how I am loving this! I don’t think I’ve ever been so healthy. No drinking and getting plenty of exercise – not like me at all. Swimming is really recommended during pregnancy as it’s low impact but soo good for you. I’m really enjoying it, especially in this hot weather. Sometimes I even get the local pool to myself and I really do have Inle Home to thank for that. If I wasn’t doing what I’m doing at this point in my life then there is no way I’d have all this time to really look after myself, and I consider that really important.

I’ve also discovered pregnancy yoga just around the corner from my house. A blissful hour to really concentrate on breathing and different ways to ease pain and discomfort throughout pregnancy and labour. I really recommend that all expectant mums check their local class out! Seaford class with Kelly –

Catch you in a few weeks people!

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