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We all need to do our bit to

make the world a better place.

crop man sealing cardboard box with tape

Our packaging is rubbish.

It’s true. Our packaging is the kind of stuff that usually heads to landfill. We work with local businesses like The Brighton Shutter Company to take their surplus packaging and use it to give our products the best possible protection as they travel to their new homes. Even the ‘Packing Peanuts’ we use are made from potatoes (but we still hate them, so we try to use other means of padding).

And as we ship all over the world we partner with UPS. We are proud of what they are doing to make their business carbon neutral. You can find out more about their commitments here.

Dish Brush in Colours by ecoLiving

Shop local.

We love buying British. There is a wealth of talent in this country and we stock as much handmade and locally produced products as possible.

Jarapa, based in Dorset, provide stunning pieces made from recycled glass. Sussex-based Eco-Living create fantastic products with the environment in mind. Right on our doorstep in Seaford we have The Brighton Beard CompanySpuds of Destiny and gorgeous cards and prints by Love Hattie.

Shop global.

Of course, sometimes we need to look further afield for that unique piece but we do our best to know where it’s coming from and how it’s made.

Our popular felt decorations by Felt So Good are sustainably handmade in Nepal, ensuring the ladies who make them earn a fair wage. Paddywax, the company behind our gorgeous Impressions candles, give back to communities close to their heart in America. Inox create beautifully handcrafted cutlery in India giving artisans a decent way of life.