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Love Your Space



Lighting is everything. It can really make or break a space. You can have the perfect room with the perfect furniture perfectly positioned, but if the lighting’s wrong, suddenly it’s not so perfect.

It’s not necessarily as simple as it may seem, so let me tell you a little secret; There are three different types of lighting. If you don’t know them, let me introduce you.

“If the lighting’s wrong, suddenly it’s not so perfect.”

Ambient lighting

Think of this as practical lighting. It is intended to light up a whole space to ensure safety and easy traffic. Ambient lighting allows you to have a complete overview of a room.

Task lighting

This is lighting you can use for a specific task. A lamp for reading, for example, or spotlights under your kitchen cupboards to light up your work surfaces. This lighting helps to make certain tasks a lot easier by giving you a brighter visual.

Accent lighting

Ahhh, my favourite of them all. This is used to focus on a certain area. A low light over a dining table, for example. It is also the cleverest lighting in my opinion.

You can use Accent lighting to zone a space too. In smaller rooms/homes, this kind of lighting can be a game-changer, creating individual spaces in one room just from lighting – genius!

“Individual spaces in one room just from lighting – genius!”

Feeling Fancy

In our living room, we have used all three types of lighting. Ceiling spotlights for practicality & overview (Ambient). A bright lamp by our sofa for reading (Task). And last but definitely not least, a low hanging beaded chandelier over our snug area that we use of an evening to chill out while we watch our favourite boxset. It really does help us to unwind, and if I’m feeling fancy, I might light a candle or two.

If you look around your home, you’re probably already using the three different types of lighting without even knowing it!

“Decorative lights you can use all year round, what’s not to love?”

Starburst Sparkle

I had quite a dark corner in my living room screaming for a little decorative light. What I was really looking for was a bit of sparkle without venturing into Tacksville, which is really easily done where sparkle is concerned!

You’ve got to tread carefully. The beautiful Starburst lights from @Inlehome are perfect. With their warm LED lights and pretty hanging exterior, they are exactly what I was looking for.

As a bonus, they are suitable for outdoor use too which means come Christmas (yes, I said it, sorry!) I can use them outside which I’m very excited about! I mean, Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without pretty lights, right? Once Christmas is done, I can pop them back in our living room. Decorative lights you can use all year round, what’s not to love?

So, to summarise, be practical when thinking about your lighting. What’s it for? What do you want to achieve? Make your lighting work for you and your lifestyle.

Until next time,

Lauren is an interior consultant based in Blackheath, London.

She loves working with colour, textures and funky accessories.

Follow her on Instagram for contact details and inspiration.